Boating in Ohio

In the state of Ohio, boating is big! In fact boating in Ohio is so big that the state has recently committed over four million dollars toward expanding and improving boating access at thirty different sites all over the state. With so many beautiful bodies of water, boating in Ohio is a wonderful experience.

You may be surprised at how many places there are where you can enjoy boating in Ohio. Here are a few of the most popular destinations:

  • Lake Erie – one of the most beautiful of the Great Lakes, this has long been a popular boating destination as well as a great place to fish. There are many boat ramps to get onto the water and many beautiful islands to visit on your boating trip.
  • The Ohio River – located in the southern part of the state, this river also has multiple places to launch your boat. In October, there is a festival called the “Tall Stacks” where vintage riverboats take to the water and provide a party atmosphere – all on the water!
  • Cuyahoga River – this river is located in the heart of Cleveland. Fishing is good on this river. The area called “The Bottoms” has lots of great tie-ups and restaurants to enjoy.
  • Muskinghum River Parkway – provide picnic grounds, campsites, and excellent fishing. June is when the Zanes Trace Commemoration Festival is held and gives a historical perspective on this great stretch of water.
  • Buckeye Lake – has 3,300 acres of beautiful water. They have no limit on the amount of horsepower on this lake and have a sweet corn festival every fall that any outdoorsman will enjoy!

There are also numerous other lakes for boating in Ohio as well as many national parks with some great scenery. Fishing abounds in Ohio with some prized bass being caught on a regular basis. Boat fishing is especially great in Ohio with some excellent shoreline home to catfish as well as carp.

Ohio is undertaking a huge advertising campaign promoting the boating and fishing in their state. They feel they have so much to offer for recreational boating that the rest of the country needs to hear about it as well. Regular visitors to Ohio tend to agree.

Boating is Ohio is a sport that is just growing in popularity. Take the time to check out this beautiful Midwest state and all it has to offer for your boating excursions. Some say once you’ve been boating in Ohio, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Find out for youself!


Boating Knots

Rope, knots, and boating go hand in hand. Whether tying an anchor to a line or tying up a boat to a dock, the wrong knot will lead to trouble and the right knot, when properly tied, will hold under extremely heavy loads. We’ll give you a few of the most common knots used in boating and do our best to tell you how to tie them.

The two half hitch knot is a very reliable knot and used most often in mooring. Pass the end of a rope around a post or other object. Wrap the short end of the rope under and over the long part of the rope pushing the end down through the loop. This is a half hitch. Repeat on the long rope below the first half hitch and draw tight.

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The anchor bend knot is used in boating to tie the rope to the anchor. Start by passing two loops through a ring and then placing the free end around a standing line. Pass the free end through the loops on the ring. Complete by making a half hitch.

The figure eight knot is ideal for keeping the end of a rope from running out of a tackle or pulley. Make an underhand loop bringing the end around and over the standing part. Pass the rope end under and then up through the loop. Draw tight.

A clove hitch knot is a general utility hitch when boating for when you need a quick and simple method of fastening a rope around a post, spar, or stake. Begin by making a turn with the rope around the object and over itself. Take a second turn with the rope around the object. Pull the end up under the second turn so it is between the rope and the object. Tighten by pulling on both ends.

When tied properly, the bowline knot won’t slip or jam. This is a good tight boating knot. First, make an overhand loop with the end held toward you. Pass the end through the loop. Pass the end up behind the standing part and then down through the loop again. Draw tight.

A sheet bend knot is used in boating to tie two ropes together. It is easy to tie, strong, secure, and works well with ropes of differing sizes. Make a loop in the end of one rope. If one line is heavier than the other, make the loop in it. Pass the end of the other rope through and around the loop. The working end should exit the knot on the same side as the loop’s short ended side.

Boating knots are important to learn for your safety on the water. When you know how to tie the basic boating knots, you will be safe and secure.


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Marine BoatingMarine Boating

Marine boating is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite pastimes growing by leaps and bounds from year to year. The feeling you get piloting a boat on the water can be exhilarating and can reduce your stress significantly. Marine boating is good for the soul and the body as well when you add in water sports to your boating adventures.


You have many choices in water crafts when you take up the sport of marine boating. Sailboats are fun on almost any body of water. Powered only by Mother Nature, a small sailboat can be great fun on short voyages.

Boats used in marine boating can be as small as 24 foot long up to 70 feet and more. They are constructed of sturdy materials such as fiberglass which makes them easy to take care of and easy to clean. Large yachts have luxurious cabins below deck which makes them great for long trips. Even small cabin cruisers can be taken on overnight voyages.

These water crafts are big enough to accommodate several people as well as supplies. Marine boating is much more fun when you share it with other people which is why almost all boats have room for at least 6 people to sit comfortably. There are handy compartments usually under the seats to hold equipment like life vests and fishing equipment.

You can do a lot of activities when marine boating. Depending on the type of boat you have, there are some very fun water sports that can be done. Water skiing, for example, is quite enjoyable and requires a bit of skill to learn. However, once you become adept at skimming along the water standing atop a couple of pieces of fiberglass, you’ll find it’s very addicting!

Inner tubing when marine boating requires the use of a specially designed air inflated tube with handles on it. Inner tubing is a great water sport for people of all ages and requires little to no skill at all.

Fishing when marine boating is also quite an enjoyable sport. When you have a smaller boat, you are able to get to areas on the water where the biggest and best fish are hiding. You can easily navigate along the shore as you cast your line from place to place in search of that prize catch.

Marine boating is a great sport enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world. Even though the sport has been around for a very long time, advances in equipment as well as boats make it one of the most enjoyable recreational activities around.